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Podcast Atlantic is a Podcast Directory for Atlantic Canadian Podcasts and a Production Company for those who want to dip their toes into the podcasting world but don’t want the hassle of dealing with equipment, editing and everything else that comes with the production of a great podcast.

We are a professional podcasting company dedicated to professional service, quality storytelling, and trustworthy results.


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Podcast Atlantic Directory is the largest regional directory of Podcasts in Canada. 150 and Counting.

July 15, 2019 – One year, Six and a half months after launching the Podcast Atlantic directory I am please to announce that we have reached Podcast number 150.   The podcast that got us there was from Firm Foundation Media, Stewiacke Vibe is a lively...


Written by Tanya ChedrawyThe first Atlantic Podcast Summit took place May 2 – 4 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The first of its kind in this region, the two and a half days delivered knowledge and insight regardless of where you are in the podcasting...


Attention content creators, business owners and podcast fans! The first of its kind Atlantic Podcast Summit will be covering all things podcasting May 3-5 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is a unique opportunity to listen, learn, and meet North American...

Podcast Atlantic This Week: September 23 – 29, 2018

Issue 3, Sept. 30, 2018 Welcome to Podcast Atlantic: This Week.  It’s a chance to see what you may have missed in the past week and an opportunity to download or stream the latest episode of your favourite Atlantic Canadian podcast.  Here we go....

New Podcast Episodes

'80s-'90s Flashback – Episode #39

Source: InfoQuench '80s-'90s Flashback - Episode #39 Join Jeff and Amy on a trip down memory lane as they flashback to the '80s/'90s era. From 'Louie the Lightning Bug' to Popeye Cigarettes, there's sure to be something to trigger feelings of nostalgia....

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Jesse MacLean – Cabot Highlanders

Source: Big Game Sports Radio Jesse MacLean - Cabot Highlanders Pre-game interview with Cabot Highlanders Head Coach Jesse MacLeanRecorded October 12, 2019 prior to the Live Stream Audio broadcast of the Cabot Highlanders vs the Fundy Thunder.Colchester Legion Stadium...

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Daily Update – October 11, 2019

Source: Recruiting Masters Daily Update - October 11, 2019 CFC Prospect Game Q&A with Ty Anderson | #GOTW NS features #CFC50 No. 32 Citadel v.s No. 21 C.P. Allen | #GOTW #CFC25 No. 11 Langley v.s Robert Bateman ... Plus more 🍁🏈🔊🎧

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Taggart and Torrens Episode 192

Source: Taggert and Torrens Taggart and Torrens Episode 192 This week we play Seat Buddies, hear about Jono’s LA work and we hear from Insecure Instagram Guy!

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The Spawn Chunks: Stuck On Honey Blocks

Source: The Spawn Chunks The Spawn Chunks 061: Stuck On Honey Blocks Jonny and Joel get stuck on honey blocks in the latest snapshot, and so should you! Bees in Bedrock Beta, and pondering the piglin past, all in the latest episode.

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TPC Podcast: For Real This Time

Source: Three Player Co-Op TPC Podcast, Episode 257 - For Real This Time A little delayed but here none the less, it is TPC 257! Topics include Sony finally agrees and announces cross platform play. EA is having data breach issues again. Brian goes back and re lives...

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