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Latest Blog Post

Four Years and 300 Plus

by Michael Boyd | January 10, 2022

Introduction It began in 2010.  Without even knowing about podcasts, I began a shaky journey to my future passion.  On June 10, 2010, I was laid off from a twenty-seven-year career as a TV producer and manager at Eastlink Community Television.  It was an unexpected event to say the least.  After a couple of months […]

New Podcast Episodes

Elwood City Limits: Binky Is The Bryan Danielson of Arthur

Elwood City Limits Episode 181: Binky Is The Bryan Danielson of Arthur On this American Thanksgiving Fridee, Lucas and Will interrogate their own collecting habits in "Prunella The Packrat," before making a shocking discovery about Binky in "What's In A Name?" There's...

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The Citadel Cafe: A Crowning Achievement

The Citadel Cafe 456: A Crowning Achievement Joel, and Alastair are enjoying time back in Minecraft, and discuss why some voxel based inspired games often miss the mark. Alastair has been refilling on documentaries, Joel has been engrossed in the historical...

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The Demon Seed: A Ball Point Pen

S2 Ep46: A Ball Point Pen This one is actually....good.... Buy a t-shirt!!!! https://beyondmerch.co.uk/collections/demon-seed For the full luxury experience, become a Clag Hound here: https://patreon.com/thedemonseed Follow Us: https://twitter.com/DemonSeedPod Follow...

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Canadian Love Map – A Labor Of Love

A Labor Of Love This week's story is a labour of love...literally. It belongs to Eduardo, Omar, and Christina.   Eduardo and Omar are a couple living in Spain who wanted to start a family. Meanwhile, here in Canada, Christina felt called to help a couple create one....

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What Were You Thinking? – Rock-a-Doodle (w/Monica Taylor)

Rock-a-Doodle (w/Monica Taylor) Back to the weird Don Bluth well this week as the guys are joined by space rooster expert Monica Taylor to discuss Rock-a-Doodle. They discuss the wildly inconsistent size perspective when it comes to the characters, the sexualizing of...

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