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Latest Blog Post

Four Years and 300 Plus

by Michael Boyd | January 10, 2022

Introduction It began in 2010.  Without even knowing about podcasts, I began a shaky journey to my future passion.  On June 10, 2010, I was laid off from a twenty-seven-year career as a TV producer and manager at Eastlink Community Television.  It was an unexpected event to say the least.  After a couple of months […]

New Podcast Episodes

Power Presence Position

EP512: The Daily Debrief Listen in as I introduce you to a tool I call The Daily Debrief. I’m offering four questions you can answer to stay anchored in the present moment and recap your day, as well as four questions your team can sit with every day, and how having...

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Dust Safety Science

DSS190: Safety Share: Wood Hogger Fires and Deflagrations at Sawmills This Dust Safety Science episode is a safety share about wood hogger fires and deflagrations at sawmills

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Travel Mug Podcast

Tips For Flying In Fall/Winter 2022 There's no doubt that flying right now in Summer & Fall of 2022 is a bit hairy! With cancelled flights, record numbers of lost luggage and huge delays, what can you do?We share some quick tips to make your flying experience...

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Ep 451 – A Floating Head – 08/08/2022

Source: Hopped Up Gaming: East Ep 451 - A Floating Head - 08/08/2022 Well, would you look at the time. It’s Monday again, so that means it’s time for another episode of Hopped-Up Gaming: East! Come join Ben, Tim, Matt, and Evan as they talk about: Prey NOPE Spirit...

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The Spawn Chunks: Taking Inventory On The Future

Source: The Spawn Chunks The Spawn Chunks 205: Taking Inventory On The Future Jonny, and Joel celebrate four years of The Spawn Chunks with a community fueled chat speculating on what new features - or updates existing features - might be coming to Minecraft.

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Travel Mug Podcast: THANK YOU! We’re So Excited

THANK YOU! We're So Excited Thank you so much! We've been growing a lot over the last few months and we just want to say a heartfelt thank you. You may be hearing some ads on our episodes. We are excited to be at this point and it's all because of you! Support the...

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Life Out Loud: Growing Pains (Mid-Season Pause)

Ep. 74 | Growing Pains (Mid-Season Pause) Have you ever thought about the process of growth? In this episode, I talk about the growing pains or sometimes psychological pain we experience during seasons change and being stretched. This summer break is about going into...

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Solacene: what makes a good villain?

3.08 : what makes a good villain? Plankton, Thanos, Satan. What makes these villains so terrifying and memorable? In this episode, we discuss this question in depth as well as questions of 'character' in architecture and fashion. Sign up for Field Notes:...

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