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by Michael Boyd | September 27, 2021

Dropping this Thursday, September 30, 2021 Business Development in Construction with Annette Lindy Annette Lindy started her career as an Architect in Berlin at the same time as the wall came down. Before finding her dream job in business development, she worked as an architect in Europe and Canada. Annette shares: Annette shares: How she […]

New Podcast Episodes

Power Presence Position

EP468: Problem Solving Part 2: How To Take Action Without Getting Depleted So many of my entrepreneurial clients and colleagues are struggling with something that I have certainly struggled with in my career as well. Taking action without burning out. Our culture...

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Dust Safety Science

DSS147: Where NFPA Is Heading & What This Means For Combustible Dust Code Users with Alex Ing In this episode, Alex Ing from the National Fire Protection Association explains where NFPA is heading and how it can affect combustible dust code users.

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Downtown Lowdown with the Downtown Halifax Business Commission

Episode 57: to Jessica Pettigrew, Downtown Halifax Business Commission’s new Membership Engagement Manager Today, Ivy will be talking to Jessica Pettigrew, Downtown Halifax Business Commission’s new Membership Engagement Manager. Jessica is responsible for connecting...

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Ep 407 – Bees like Candy? – 09/27/2021

Source: Hopped Up Gaming: East Ep 407 - Bees like Candy? - 09/27/2021 The HUGE Crew talk about stuff, and you listen to it. Here’s what you can expect the boys to chat about this week: Valheim Candyman 2021 Star Wars Visions Deathloop The Forgotten City Mod Life is...

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The Spawn Chunks 160: Below The Bedrock

Source: The Spawn Chunks The Spawn Chunks 160: Below The Bedrock Joel and Jonny discuss the progression of the latest Minecraft snapshot, and Bedrock Beta versions before answering listener email on the September Chunk Mail Dispenser episode.

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Tidal League FC

MLS Week 27 Recap Katie recaps Week 27 with the New England Revolution still on top.

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The Environmental Podcast

Poetry Poetry is one of our favorite things in life. Reading it, writing it, and listening to it can all fundamentally change the way we process the world. How should poems be taught to children? How has the inundation of language in the Information Age changed what...

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Sermons From My Heart

Mark 10 verses 13-16 God's Cleaning Agent I'm going to take you on a short walk down memory lane. Some of you may have heard of a singer/songwriter from the 1970s by the name of Ray Stevens. He was famous for writing and recording comedy songs such as "Bridget...

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