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Latest Blog Post

Four Years and 300 Plus

by Michael Boyd | January 10, 2022

Introduction It began in 2010.  Without even knowing about podcasts, I began a shaky journey to my future passion.  On June 10, 2010, I was laid off from a twenty-seven-year career as a TV producer and manager at Eastlink Community Television.  It was an unexpected event to say the least.  After a couple of months […]

New Podcast Episodes

The ELEV8 Podcast – Farewell…

#156 - Farewell... Times are changing, globally, locally and within the Elev8 podcast. We talk about the changes to come and the future of the Elev8 podcast, while also giving all of you listeners a proper farewell (for now).   Timestamps: Intro - 00:00 Moving On...

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Belated Box Office – Seven Samurai

Episode 60 - Seven Samurai Pat and Jeff are getting into a beast of a film this week, with the longest entry into their review list to date: the beloved classic Japanese picture, Seven Samurai. They try using their newfound film expertise to figure out how to make it...

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The Spawn Chunks: The Search For A New Seed

The Spawn Chunks 247: The Search For A New Seed Jonny, and Joel review the latest changes in Minecraft 1.20 Pre-release 5, and 6, answer listener email about texture technique, and discuss what they look for in new world seeds ahead of the Trails & Tales release,...

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Solacene: do you say & google it?

5.11 : do you say "google it"? Imagine an internet browser that is aesthetic, has no ads, and promotes mindful internet usage (reducing dependence). This week we design a new internet browser, discuss trolls on the internet, and finally dissect the trend that is...

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