040 -Trying, Dying and Diversifying – Cliff Prang

Today we talk to Comedian, Emcee, Speaker etc…. Cliff Prang.  We caught up with Cliff at 7am from his home in British Columbia, and though it was VERY early he still had us laughing.  There are many things that make Cliff different than other speakers and comedians, as you will hear in this episode.

“Even with the best intentions any event can end up feeling… so… boring. I take great pride and delight by infusing Funny, Freshness and Flow to any event without dropping the other F-word. Hire me to be your comedian, emcee or keynote speaker and we will have a Fantastic time.” Learn more https://www.cliffprang.com

To inquire about hiring Cliff for your event, check out: https://www.celebconnect.ca/Talent/Cliff-Prang/4671736a-21bd-4c02-bdd1-4a6b4c0e60f0

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