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079 : Why I Love Growing Sunchokes!

Maritime Gardening Podcast - Why I Love Growing Sunchokes!

The sunchoke (AKA “Jerusalem artichoke”, “sunroot”, “earth apple”, etc.) – despite it’s lack of an etymologically elegant, or even apropos name – is nonetheless a valuable addition to any garden. Easy to grow; tolerates lousy soil; drought resistant; pest resistant; maintenance free; delicious to eat; and economical to grow!!! My goodness what’s the downside? Well, where there’s ying, there’s often yang, and it’s not all ying where the sunchoke is concerned… but it’s mostly ying, and that’s good enough for me! In this episode I talk all about the underappreciated sunchoke: a little history, when to plant, how to grow, when to harvest, and even some cooking tips.

Here’s some videos I’ve done already on sunchokes:

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