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083 : Companion Planting Myths with Robert Pavlis

ep83: Companion Planting Myths with Robert Pavlis

Companion planting is a very popular notion among gardeners. It’s exciting to think that the growing of two different plants in close proximity to one another will result in some form of overall net gain; but alas, there’s that sobering voice science, enlightening us, while simultaneously ruining the party once again. So who better to enlighten us on companion planting myths then Robert Pavlis, author of two books on the topic of gardening myths,as well a a blog dedicated to busting gardening myths (see links below to all Robert’s content).
Have a listen as Robert and cut down some commonly held garden myths that seem to have grown like weeds over the years by word of mouth.

If you are interested in Robert’s latest book, check it out on Amazon:

Also, here are some links to Robert’s other content:




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