Source: Turn Me On Podcast

100 – Mother Lover

Episode 100 is an extra long, multi-segmented episode of Turn Me On. It’s a Mom Bonanza. “Momgasm” – two young, hot, hilarious, podcasting moms – talk to Jeremie and Bryde about getting sexy back postpartum. Bryde’s mom tells a mind-bending story about her own mother/sister. ‘Sex Talk with My Mom” is a son and momma comedy podcast that inspires cougars to get their asses back out there and Jeremie to finally have the talk with his own mom. Recently back on the market, Jeremie’s mom leaves us with some major wisdom bombs about nourishing your vital, sexual self both in a long-term relationship, and immediately following a big break up.   HUGE shout out to the artists who have supplied the delicious tunes for our intros and outros!    Sorrey – My Fault (Instrumental) Rich Aucoin – Brian Wilson Is A.L.I.V.E. Jamsey – Seems So Simple  Jamsey – Come Again Carinae – Sunny Gutters Weather Channel

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