Source: Turn Me On Podcast

143 – Unconditional Infinite Love

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast of a sexy funny smutty podcast to present this offering. In a time already loaded with challenges, here at home in Nova Scotia, Canada, we’ve been grieving an incomprehensible act of violence. Jeremie and Bryde hope that this guided meditation on unconditional love will bring you peace, resilience, and healing. Thank you to Dr. Timothy Walker for his guidance and Joshua Van Tassel for the backing sound. You can find these tracks and others on Van Tassel’s album titled “States-06-10”. If you want to move some of those emotions around in a guided “exorcism” of sorts called “Somatic Movement”, become a patron of Turn Me On Podcast before Sunday, April 26th, for our first Livestream event, 6pmAT time. This episode and more have been transcribed thanks to Thisten:

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