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147 – Oh The Places You’ll Go, Oh, Oh w/ Nicolle Hodges

There’s hope on the horizon for Jeremie’s sex life in COVID times. A listener has a brain boner about revealing a past professional position in the sex industry. The hosts reconnect with Nicolle Hodges, founder of Girls Who Say F*ck and Men Who Take Baths, and author of the newly published “Oh the Places You’ll Go, Oh, Oh”. She believes the best sex toy is a mirror. Nicolle speaks about the integration of psychedelics as a way to access transcendent teachings on gender identity and love as an unlimited resource. Find Nicolle: Instagram: @nicolledouble, @girlswhosayfuck, @menwhotakebaths, , . Support us on Patreon! Follow us on Instagram – @turnmeonpodcast This episode and more have been transcribed thanks to Thisten:

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