044 – The Legacy of The Mamba Mentality – Paul Bromby

Over the days following the horrific helicopter crash in California where 9 lives were lost, including Kobe Bryant and his daughter 13 year old Gianna, there has been an outpouring of grief and tears.  Obviously this shook the basketball world, but it really has effected many of us outside that world as well.


We wanted to bring on someone that would have first hand knowledge of Kobe and his legacy.  Paul Bromby is not only a lifelong Lakers and Kobe Bryant fan, he works as a Senior Producer at Sporstnet and was part of the team that had the difficult task of reporting this accident in real time.

He is here to share his thoughts on why so many have been impacted by this tragedy, while also explaining the legacy of Kobe and his Mamba Mentality in sports, in business and in life

Our guest is,Paul Bromby:

Senior Producer – https://www.sportsnet.ca and Tim & Sid

Lead Coach – New Horizon Basketball

1999 CIS Basketball Champion


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Paul


#RIP #ElevateYourExpectations #WomenEmpowerment


Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the victims:

Christina Mauser

Ara Zobayan

Sarah Chester

Payton Chester

John Altobellis

Keri Altobelli

Alyssa Altobelli

Kobe Bryant

Gianna Bryant

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