047 – Pivoting – Mia Voss

We have been working on scheduling Mia Voss as our guest for months, and as you can see by her website below she is a very busy lady.   Mia is a Brand Ambassador and Lifestyle Blogger, as well she has a building inspection business.  What can’t she do???

Our topic is very timely, as we were originally going to talk about Pivoting in your business.  In the age of COVID-19, where many industries and entrepreneurs are really unsure of what is going to happen, you have to be proactive.

Join Mia and Erica as they talk about how you can take advantage of this time for you and your business., and set you up for success!

*We also at CelebConnect want to send our love to you, and wishes that we all can get though this together.  Stay healthy friends!

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