Source: Sickboy Podcast

187 – A Childbirth of Nightmares: Pelvic Organ Prolapse

This week is what the kids would refer to as Gnar Gnar. We sit down with Ashleigh to talk about her traumatic experience of giving birth to her second child. She suffers “3rd world country type injuries” due to several complications. We’re talking about things like gestational diabetes pumping sugars into the baby to create an unborn Hodor. A baby with a broken shoulder from birth. A pelvic organ prolapse (specifically a bowel and a bladder prolapsing into Ashleigh’s vagina) and more. Jeremie could barely hold it together, so if you already are squeamish with birth stuff, good luck. Massive shoutout to Ashleigh for being a powerhouse and holding down the fort.

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