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189 – Sex Points with Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus

The hosts chat about languishing and flourishing, and maintaining important relationships during the lockdown. Bryde shows off her new vibrator (check it out visually at, and reads a sweet obituary for a blind, bisexual, polyamorous goose named Thomas. Bryde and Jeremie chat with Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus about sexuality, vibrators, and her new book, “Sex Points”. Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus is the founder and director of Maze Women’s Sexual Health, the largest independent women’s sexual health center in the country. For 20 years, she has developed and overseen the treatment of thousands of women ages 18–81. A Licensed Clinical Social worker with a master’s in public health, a master’s degree in social work, a master’s degree in Jewish studies, and a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, Dr. Marcus has been profiled in numerous publications, including the New York Times Magazine and Lenny Letter. She has also been a guest on MSNBC.


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