Source: Sickboy Podcast

192 – The Hypochondriac Death Investigator

Live from Edmonton, Alberta, the guys sit down with Jared, a Death Investigator with an aversion to throwing up. Jared is one of 6 Death Investigators covering thousands of square kilometres of Alberta cities and townships. He and his team are responsible for assessing all deaths that happen outside of the hospital and determine whether they might be suspicious… and if you’re thinking that that sounds like a busy or daunting task, than consider this: on Jared’s busiest weekend he’s been to 35 different deaths (also, spoiler alert – Jared’s weekend is the same for everyone else, Friday to Sunday… yeah, duh Jared). If this doesn’t sound crazy enough, imagine what it would be like to be around all of these decaying bodies when you constantly are worried that you’re going to throw up. Well, Jared hates spewing chunks so much so that he literally has what’s known as hypochondriacs disorder… so, let’s talk about it!

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