Source: The Coast: 25 for 25

2008 with Joel Plaskett & Matthieu Aikins

It’s a Joel Plaskett emergency as the local legend joins us in studio with tales from the road. The storied son of Dartmouth talks about his critically acclaimed nostalgia opus, Ashtray Rock, and his busy year back in 2008. Then, award-winning journalist Matthieu Aikins calls in with reflections on his lauded Coast cover feature about Macdonald Bridge suicides, “Adam’s Fall.” All this plus, Peter Kelly goes for a swim, fire boats flip over in the harbour, the Spryfield drug wars erupt, lie detector tests exposed at city hall and we offer some definitive rulings on proper bus etiquette.

The Coast presents: 25 for 25. A year-by-year audio archive. Through the lens of the city’s alt-weekly, editors Jacob Boon and Tara Thorne bring you the stories that shaped Halifax over the past quarter-century.
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