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2018 Canadian UFO Survey (with Chris Rutkowski)

For those interested in the UFO phenomenon, it’s hard to deny that 2018 was one of the most exciting years in decades.

Arguably, it all started with a late 2017 article published in the New York Times that revealed the existence of a 22 million dollar United States Defence Department program, tasked with investigating reports of UFO events.

The news surrounding this program, and a few videos of anomalous objects they have researched, seemed to have fanned the coals that have been smoldering since the golden age of UFOs.

The result was a a year of UFO news that could easily provide inspiration for several more seasons of X-Files.

but, if we ignore all of 2018’s UFO themed trials and tribulations and simply ask “What was seen and reported in the skies above Canada” there is really only one place to look.

It’s not to the ex-singer of Blink 182 and it’s not to agents operating on behalf of the shadowy elite.

It’s to a self deprecating science writer from Manitoba and the highly respected report he has been coordinating annually for the past 30 years.

Since 1989, Chris Rutkowski, and his group UFOlogy Research have compiled, classified, and analyzed the data related to Canadian UFO sightings into an annual report titled the Canadian UFO Survey.

In this episode, recorded only hours after the release of the 2018 Canadian UFO Survey, Chris Rutkowski provides background on the report and shares his opinions on many of the data points.


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