Food in Five: A Brief History Of Ham

Source: Food in Five A Brief History Of Ham The ham of history goes way beyond the stuff you buy and the deli counter. It is a human tradition that stretches back thousands of years in history. Join me for a brief history of ham
The Derf and Deets Podcast: Top Post

The Derf and Deets Podcast: Top Post

Source: The Derf and Deets Podcast 063: Top Post New year same old pricks so get in the basement bitch cause I tore my FGB! Welcome to Derf & Deets University where you will learn about golden dicks, eggs are bad and extra ketchup. There is a all new Adventures...

InTalksicated Reviews: Trailer Trashed 13

Source: InTalksicated Reviews Trailer Trashed 13 This week Intalksicated reviews is with Trailer Trashed 12 but it feels like  unlucky 13 cause of a few problem Corey has run into this week, he was still able to sit down with Jen and watch 6 trailers for up coming...

Mostly Spoilers: Do You Have Bigfeet?

Source: Mostly Spoilers Do You Have Bigfeet? This week on the podcast Laird and Mike talk about generational comedies, the works of Tom Brody and a little film you might have heard of called…Sex Boat. Oh. And The Lion King.