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212 – Life, Positivity, and Why You Are Awesome w/ Neil Pasricha

This week on Sickboy, the guys sit down with New York Times bestselling author, Neil Pasricha, to chat about life, positivity, perspective and RESILIENCE.

From Neil,

“We are lucky. For most of us, famine, plague, economic depression, and other life-threatening catastrophes are the stuff of history books. We’re living in an era with the highest-ever rates of longevity, education, and wealth. Cars drive us home as our phones entertain us before we arrive to food delivered to the front door. We have it all! But there’s just one side effect. We no longer have the tools to handle failure…or even perceived failure. When we fall, we lie on the sidewalk crying. When we spill, we splatter. When we crack, we shatter. We are turning into an army of porcelain dolls. A rude email from the boss means calling in sick. Only two likes on our post means we don’t have friends. Cell phones show us we’re never good enough. Yesterday’s butterflies are tomorrow’s panic attacks. Record numbers of students have clinical anxiety. And what about depression, loneliness, and suicide? All rising! What do we desperately need to learn? RESILIENCE. And we need to learn it fast.”

We explore this and many other ideas in this incredibly thoughtful and eye-opening conversation with our new best friend, Neil Pasricha.

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