Source: Sickboy Podcast

217: Brain Blood Clot B’ye: Ischemic Stroke & Coma

Ischemic Stroke folks. Say it all together now – ISCHEMIC. This week Sarah Jane tells us all about her brain blood clot that caused her to have a full-blown stroke. What does one do to fix this? Welp… the docs removed a flap out of her skull, stuck it in a freezer and proceeded to tinker on her thinker. After an extended period of time in a Coma, Sarah Jane woke and had a long rough road to recovery. TO top it all off, we might as well throw in a healthy dose of Ulcerative Colitis! With a new sexy raspy voice and a new lease on life this charming Newfoundlander is living her best life and brings the laughs in Sickboy’s very first House Show on the road!

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