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3 Player Co-Op, Episode 236 – Yawnfest 2018

** NOTE ** We have a surprise that we reveal 3 minutes into this episode that unfortunately did not work as planned, which we found out 3 minutes after recording, and we apologize for that. We will debut that in the next episode, now that we know how to fix it so it doesn’t happen again. We apologize.

Topics include:

Watch what you leak to the press – It might cost you big time.

RDR2 doesn’t mind you taking care of business in one specific area.

We provide a Blizzcon recap

Blizzard makes a mobile version of Diablo and a former employee voices their opinion.

Destiny 2 was the highest grossing game in Sept

Voice Over Pete has been banned from Fivver

Toronto is getting Canada’s Largest ESports Lounge

Mass Effect Andromeda Xbox One Enhanced

ExtraLife recap

All this and more in TPC 236, Yawnfest 2018!

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