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36 Times Episode 43. Our System is Broken and Canuck Did What?

It’s a new episode, and Krista brings the tale of a man who slipped through the cracks in our system, a gaping hole in justice that lead to the loss of more than one life at his hands. Then, to try and pretend like life isn’t awful and the world isn’t burning, Lilly brings the tale of a mischievous animal. With a knife!

This week’s episode features discussion of Intimate Partner Violence, so listener discretion is advised. 

If you or someone you love is experiencing violence and need help, please see the following links:

You can contact us at: 

@36timespodcast on Twitter and Instagram, and we’re on facebook! With a bonus group page message thing aka discussion group

Intro music  is by We Talk of Dreams & Kooky Crime’s song is by Petros! Exciting!

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