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36 Times Episode 51. The Bannister Boys and The Little Yaris That Couldn’t

Listeners, the ladies are back! It’s Lilly’s turn for a tale, so she hits us with a tale from the past and the story of a tragedy that was a mystery wrapped inside of an enigma, involving a baby doll that didn’t cry and a lost mitten! Then, after a brief trip into the world of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Krista shares the story of a kooky crime that left Lilly with loads of questions!

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Intro music  is by We Talk of Dreams & Kooky Crime’s song is by Petros! Exciting!

Have some sources!

Book: Crimes that Shocked Newfoundland

Online: Last Hanging in New Brunswick

Momma’s Boys

The Wee Wizard Talk

Kooky Crime: The Case of the Confusing Yaris

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