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A Delicate Disruptions with Melina Salomon

Recognizing the decrease of retail shopping, and the skyrocketing demand for fast and easy online shopping, Ingomma brings a totally new product to the e-commerce space. From graphic to industrial design, Melina Salomon used her plethora cut with laser-sharp technology to create intricate designs and patterns that are versatile and sought after in the fashion world. “It was a big journey from seeing an opportunity to exploring material in a way it hasn’t been explored in the design community before.” Melina is the Founder and CEO of Ingomma, a design tech company bringing new sustainable materials to fashion and consumer products. Born and raised in Brazil, Melina moved to Canada five years ago to embark on post-secondary education in Toronto, and graduated top of her class in Founders Institute Toronto. In 2016, Melina received the Startup Canada Newcomer Entrepreneur Award.  In this week’s #StartupPodcast, host Rivers Corbett talks to Melina about how she is creating new demands for her innovative fashion products.

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