Calm In the Midst of the Storm – Episode 03

Bringing comfort to your heart, mind + nervous system.
Redirecting our energy to hold space for ourselves and those who need us. Especially in these times of worry + unrest.

(Nature as a metaphor.)
“A tree is rooted + strong, yet it’s leaves still dance in the wind. It’s branches bend and don’t break.”

Focus on how you can cultivate your own light + how you can shine it upon others.

“Feelings are magnetic. Each feeling is a beacon that attracts a reality. Love attracts love. Generosity elicits a generous response. Anger creates more things that could make you even angrier if you let them. What we focus on expands, so choosing to focus on life-affirming feelings is the surest way to create the experience that you want.”
-Danielle Laporte

“Please let me feel inner peace
From my center from the center of me.” – words by Beautiful Chorus
On repeat:
I am strong. I am safe. I am secure. I make beautiful choices. I take care of the ones I love. I do what I can in this moment. I do not let worry distract me.

Reflection / journal prompts:
1.Think of the person who makes you feel safe in any storm. How do they make you feel safe, held and secure? In what ways did they hold space for you?

2.Think of someone who could use some positivity today. How can you help? How can you send them your love from afar?


Beautiful Chorus – Inner Peace

The Work – Byron Katie |

How to Breathe – Ashley Reese

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