Letting Go of Old Beliefs + Moving Forward (Virtually) With The Goddess Gatherings – Ep 23

Let’s go behind the scenes in this episode!

A little back story. I have a small business. (The Goddess Gatherings) I am a Retreat Facilitator + pour so much love into every detail. For over four years, I have been passionately curating beautiful + restorative experiences for my guests. I LOVE IT.

The good news! I’ve finally decided to curate + facilitate virtual retreats! (And soon my beautiful online courses!)

This episode is a behind the scenes of the clarity I found in letting go.

Before I launch, I am offering listeners $10 off this beautiful virtual retreat experience. Get your tickets here! https://bit.ly/3j5tppl

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here. xo

If you are interested in leveling up your soul-centered biz – get in touch with Soul Tribe Live here! https://bit.ly/3hndHFQ

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