Are You a Perfectionist? Let it Go’ – Season II, Episode IV

My mantra going into 2021 ( Thank you, Yung Pueblo)

“Stop all performances, accept your imperfections, expand your self-awareness, forcing it doesn’t work, LET IT gooooo. Don’t let your self-doubt take control, your time to rest is non-negotiable, personal growth is goal number one, remember that life is not a competition, connect with emotionally mature people, let go of the past + be in the present, STOP all self-analysis when you feel down, NOTICE when you are causing yourself tension.

I love the journey. Layer after layer, gently waking up + letting go of the stuff that keeps me stuck. Sending New Years’ love your way today.

“Chop off your dead ends for growth, And I’m not just talking about your hair.” – Spirit Daughter

At the dawn of a new year, many of us are reflecting on what worked, and what didn’t. For myself, I’ve been aware of my perfectionism, and how it isn’t serving my happiness!

In this episode, I share two stories where I noticed perfectionism robbing me of experiences + happy moments + how I will choose to move past the hold that perfectionism has on my life.

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