Sleep Wellness + Bedtime Rituals to Unwind

How is your sleep wellness? This episode is calming + beautiful to listen to with so many tips + tricks to improve your rest + relaxation!

Set up your bedroom sanctuary
Create a wind-down routine to prepare for deep sleep


Prioritizing good sleep is good self-love – Danielle Laporte

Self-care is a divine priority – Danielle Laporte

Relax“Meditation is a state, often defined as deep dreamless sleep awake. But, in the same way that you cannot sleep on demand, you cannot meditate on demand—that is, you can’t reach the state instantly in the same way that you can raise your right hand. The practices preceding meditation are relaxation, stillness and mental focus. Those are all things you can do. They are the preparation. Then, if you the circumstances are right, you can transition from the waking to the meditative state.”
― Gudjon Bergmann – Shift your mind to a state of calm with Yoga before bed.


The Philips wake up light – for your circadian rhythm

Sleep Affirmations by Jennifer Wiliamson

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