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A Walk Amongst the Dead in Halifax

I’ve always found Cemeteries a calming and peaceful place but not everyone is comfortable roaming their twisted paths and especially so under moonlight. If that describes you, you may find this episode a bit uncomfortable at first as roaming around a graveyard is exactly what we are going to do. But, don’t be scared off just yet, I suspect this walk amongst the dead may change the way you view the boneyard.

I’ve called upon Craig Ferguson, a local man who spends a considerable time amongst the dead, to take the lead. He produces a unique project that merges art, journalism, and story Telling called Dead in Halifax. His work starts with a headstone catching his eye and leads to a fact finding mission into the life and dead of the person buried in the ground below. It’s like a modern history lesson for goths.

In this episode of Nighttime, I’ll be meeting with Craig Ferguson at the gates of the Camp Hill Cemetery in Halifax and together we are going to go for a walk amongst the Dead in Halifax.


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