008 – Laura Warren – Psychic Medium – The Magic of Mediumship

This week we speak with Laura Warren. Laura is a psychic medium who helps people communicate  with passed on loved ones and help people release pain, overcome obstacles and live a full life through her connection with the spirit world.

For bookings, you can go to Laura’s website  or find her on facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/psychicmediumlaura

Laura is offering a  6-week Mentorship Course called The Magic of Mediumship: Open to your limitless possibility. This course will allow you to open your sacred connection to the spirit world. Fall session is sold out. Contact Laura to inquire about the program or to be added to the March session wait list. Let Laura help you find your magic!

Recorded at Serpent Brewing. We tried their new Oatmeal stout which was FANTASTIC!

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