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Allan Legere – The Monster of the Miramichi

In all corners of our country, if you ask the right people, you’ll hear stories of ghosts or monsters that at some time in the area’s history briefly made themselves known.

This episode will describe one such case.

It will feature a community crippled with fear and overcome by a feeling of defenselessness.

A community in which it’s most vulnerable were preyed upon by a beast too frightening to be dreamt up.

Like many of horror literature’s greatest villains, by day this monster hid in the forest that surrounded the village and only at night, under the cover of darkness, would it enter civilization to exercise it’s wickedness. But, unlike horror’s many boogeymen and boogeywomen what made this monster so terrifying is that he isn’t a work of fiction… in fact, the community knew exactly who was preying on them.

Tonight, In this episode of Nightttime, We will hear the story of an infamous Canadian serial killer who, after a daring prison escape, stalked his community, murdering several elderly citizens while hiding in the dense forest surrounding the region.

This is the story of Allan Legere… the Monster of the Miramichi

In this episode we are joined by Rick Maclean (Editor of Miramichi leader, Author of Terror) who provides his account of the many twists and turns that unfold during this terrifying story.


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