Against The Clock (Ep.1) – EightTwelve Building Solutions

In association with Construction Clock, this is our first “Against the Clock” themed episode. These episodes will include unique and interesting stories of special builds across our country.

Each episode will feature a different client, builder, story, and details about unique special projects with interesting story lines! You will want to make sure to tune into these special featured episodes combining construction and story-telling.

This is a joint effort between AC Media and Construction Clock and we look forward to your feedback as we roll this out!

You will not want to miss this episode! We had Marco Gallo from 0812 Building Solutions tune in with us from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Marco and the team have recently taken on a “special projects” endeavour with building pop-up restaurants in various bizarre locations in Canada’s western winter terrain.

We talked all about these projects, involving constructing these high-end restaurants with fine-dining unique menu items, flying in chef’s from all around the world, and even flying in guests to remote locations like Churchill seen below; a serious night out for a fancy meal!

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