Episode 45: Radon Repair

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On today’s episode, Dan sits down with Jeff Leblanc – President of Radon Repair.

Jeff is a life long resident of Riverview, NB where he lives with his wife and two children. He was a licensed Realtor in Moncton for 8 years. Jeff became aware of Radon gas and its dangers through his home inspection courses.

Once he realized that his province (NB) has the highest Radon levels in the country, he became a certified measurement professional through the NRPP and then the C-NRPP. Understanding that this Radon problem can be fixed, he became a Certified Mitigation Professional with C-NRPP and is Vice President of the CARST – Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists.

Jeff has attended the CARST annual meeting and has connected with many experienced Radon professionals, including his instructor Marcel Brascoupe, who is always there with advice. Jeff is proud to be able to protect his clients and their families from the harmful effects of high levels of Radon exposure (Lung Cancer).

Jeff’s goal is for everyone to TEST their homes so they know the levels of Radon gas present in their homes. Once you receive your results, give him a call so he can explain your options. If you have high Radon levels, Radon Repair can reduce them!

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