Karen Wentzell – Filmmaker

I first met film and television producer, Karen Wentzell when she spoke on a Women in Film & Television (WIFT-Atlantic) panel. I was struck by her poise, insight and generosity in sharing her knowledge. She is behind such critically acclaimed hits as the comedy series Seed, the history-making CBC series Diggstown and of course the show that changed the landscape of Canadian television-Trailer Park Boys.

Golden Nuggets:

•Understand you are in the room for a reason. You have a voice. Use it. Be heard.

•”Hearing a good story is like taking a drug.”

•”No one wants to see you fail.”

•”Our film crews here are among the best in the world.”

•Tune in to find out what she had to say about working on the groundbreaking series, Trailer Park Boys.

•Find out about a little known (and very cool!) surfing story that has been uncovered as a result of the work on Diggstown.

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