Janice Landry – Author/Journalist

What are you most grateful for? That is the question that award-winning journalist and author Janice Landry poses in her latest book, Silver Linings: Stories of Gratitude, Resiliency and Growth through Adversity. 15 inspiring Canadians across five provinces tell their personal stories of gratitude through tragedy, pain, loss, and trauma.

Two highly distinguished guests from the United States including the leading world expert on the study of gratitude also answer this question.

All of their answers will surprise and inspire you.

I’ve long admired Janice for her impassioned reporting as a television journalist and her advocacy work on behalf of our first responders. I am grateful for this conversation. Janice is gracious, talented, insightful and so very positive and supportive. Thank you Janice. 🙏🏼

At the end of the interview you will be asking yourself, “What am I grateful for?”

Golden Nuggets from Interview:

•One of Janice’s beloved mentors once asked her two rhetorical questions: “What are you afraid of?“ and “What are you waiting for?” She realized she had to face her fears and she did. She’s now published 5 books.

•No matter what age you are “you have value in society and you can add to it and help other people.”

•”When you’re a creative person…putting yourself out there is absolutely terrifying.”

•Find out why her late father, veteran Halifax fire fighter Basil “Baz” Landry is a true Canadian hero. ❤️

•She lost her beloved mother Theresa Landry while writing Silver Linings, her inspiration for the book. Through this incredible loss she still found gifts of gratitude.

•For budding writers she advises that “it’s okay to have fear but don’t let that stop you.”

•Tune in for so much more.

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