Brenda Saunders/Todd – CEO Dress for Success

Brenda Saunders/Todd is the CEO of Dress for Success Halifax, a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic independence for all women. Brenda has committed her life and career to advancing women in our society. She was recently appointed to the Dress for Success International board of directors that includes power women such as the Editor-in-Chief from the Oprah Magazine and a senior VP from Walmart. Smart, kind, generous and a natural leader, here is some insight from our conversation.

Golden Nuggets: -Innovator behind Halifax’s The Social Boutique, Find out how she made this “economic engine” come to life. -An innovative idea can emerge by simply looking at what you have available from a different perspective. -“Negative self-talk derails a lot of people.” -Find out which best-selling book she recommends as a go-to. Thank you Brenda!

Producers: Tanya Chedrawy & Michael Boyd

Host: Tanya Chedrawy 

Guest: Brenda Saunders/Todd – CEO Dress for Success

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