Andrea Janzen: Empowering Women in Leadership

Co-hosts Emily and Dave are joined by Andrea Janzen, Founder and CEO of Ambition Theory. Andrea’s company seeks to address the lack of female role models and managers in the construction industry, a reality faced by 72% of women in the field. Their mission is to inspire change by creating visible examples of women in leadership positions.

During the episode, the conversation covers a range of topics. They discuss the power of niching down and the resistance people often face when narrowing their focus. Imposter syndrome and the fear of scarcity are explored, shedding light on the challenges associated with embracing a specific niche.

One significant aspect highlighted is some of the research that informs Ambition Theory’s practices. Andrea notes research that reveals a striking contradiction known as the “Double Bind.” The research found that while 78% of women were advised to be more confident to accelerate their path to leadership, a staggering 70% of those same women were told they were being too bossy when they exhibited leadership traits. This contradictory feedback further emphasizes the need for specialized training programs tailored to women’s experiences.

Throughout the episode, Andrea and the hosts delve into the importance of creating visible role models and investing in women employees. They discuss the significance of sponsorship over mentorship, emphasizing its higher return on investment. Additionally, they explore breaking free from the constraints of the “advice trap” and the role of comfort zones in personal and professional growth.

By combining Andrea’s expertise, the engaging dynamic between the hosts, and the research findings, the episode provides valuable insights and actionable strategies for accelerating leadership goals. Listeners gain an understanding of the challenges faced by women in the construction industry and the necessity of specialized training programs that empower and support their growth.

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