Jackie Russell: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Talk About the Good

This conversation with Jackie Russell, founder of Teak Media + Communication, delves into the significance of authentic communication, greenwashing, and effective storytelling in the nonprofit and sustainable sectors. Jackie shares her journey into this line of work, driven by a passion for helping companies that are doing good but struggling to communicate their message effectively.

Jackie emphasizes the need for companies to avoid over projecting their environmental efforts and instead focus on transparency, perhaps by acknowledging that they are “less bad” for the environment rather than “good”. By sharing their positive initiatives and engaging in community involvement, businesses can inspire others and create a ripple effect of positive change.

A key aspect discussed is the power of storytelling to inspire donations and support for a cause. Jackie encourages businesses to center their storytelling on the work happening on the ground, rather than solely focusing on the big picture. By sharing personal stories of individuals and communities impacted by their efforts, businesses can create an emotional connection and demonstrate the real-world impact of their work.

In addition to discussing these topics, Jackie offers practical advice for effective communication in the nonprofit sector. She recommends using a problem-action-solution narrative, incorporating personal stories, and embracing the discomfort of self-promotion to inspire positive change and community involvement.

To learn more about Jackie Russell and Teak Media + Communication, visit their website at teakmedia.com. Jackie also provides top ten tips sheets for nonprofits and sustainable companies, including one on crisis communications. Interested individuals can find the tip sheets at boilingpointpodcast.com or by reaching out to Jackie at jackie@teakmedia.com.

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