Source: The Boys Club Podcast

Boys Club Comedy Episode 61: Pavlov’s Hog


This week on the Boys Club we have a special guest. We have local viloger Harper McCormack. Harper was on the intalkiscated comedy podcasts live streams before shitting on fellow boys club member Dan Hendricken, and loves insulting local punching bag Scott MacLean. We talked about easter plans, missing dads, movies, guys harper fucked, what bars we’ve been banned from and the Big Cat is going through some shit.

We also had our intern Sarah (from Intalkiscated on) who took notes saying we all talked about this: Easter, types of YouTube videos, the gym, doing muscle relaxants to get high, getting kicked out of bars, premium snap chat, porn with people you know, vanity licence plates, finding underwear, donairs, lots of cum talk, true crime podcasts and documentaries, dating murders/tinder from jail, penis sizes

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