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Building A Brand with Jeremy Miller – October 27, 2020

Branding has the power to build or break a business, but what is branding and how do you master it? Branding is a choice that starts with strategy, just ask Jeremy Miller!

Jeremy Miller is a globally recognized branding expert, and the bestselling author of Sticky Branding and Brand New Name. Jeremy’s path into branding wasn’t traditional. He fell into it out of necessity. 

After watching his family’s business nearly hit rock bottom, he was forced to take a hard look at the way the company was run and at their industry as a whole. Jeremy realized it wasn’t his sales people or marketing processes that were failing, it was the brand: their customers couldn’t distinguish them from anyone else. 

This insight caused him to rethink, reposition, and rebrand the business. The strategy worked, and within a year the company turned the corner and rocketed into growth mode. And in 2013 Jeremy sold his family’s business to focus exclusively on what he does today: build brands.

“Branding is a choice to do something remarkable and serve your customers brilliantly.”  

In this week’s episode of the #StartupCanadaPodcast, sponsored by Mastercard and Ceridian, Jeremy discusses the power of branding and the massive role strategy plays in building a good brand.

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