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Canada, The Place for Entrepreneurs with Victoria Lennox – August 27th 2019

“We were able to match Canada’s entrepreneur spirit and volunteer culture together, and I think that is what makes Canada so strong.”

Victoria Lennox is the Co-Founder, President and former CEO of Startup Canada, the national rallying community supporting and giving a voice to Canada’s 3.5 million entrepreneurs. She is an innovation policy and program architect, ecosystem diplomat, and an angel investor passionate about fostering equality, hope, peace, and prosperity through entrepreneurship.

As one of Canada’s leading proponents of entrepreneurship and innovation, Victoria works alongside government, industry, and entrepreneurs to construct the nation’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and to ensure that the right policies, programs, and enabling frameworks and infrastructure are in place to compete and thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

As the co-founder for the US-based Startup Nations and as the founder of a UK-based charity supporting young entrepreneurs, Victoria supports the development of enterprise and social innovation organizations in more than 20 countries; provides advisory support to international organizations in the areas of entrepreneurship networks, education and policy development; and supports colleges and universities in enhancing their entrepreneurial activities.

In this week’s #StartupPodcast, Rivers sits down with Victoria to talk about her journey as a serial entrepreneur in the UK and Canada, how she’s grown a thriving non-profit, and what’s next for Canadian entrepreneurship.

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