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Canada’s UFO Secrets Are Less Secret Than You Think (with Daniel Otis)

A large cache of UFO reports recently found their way to the public eye thanks in part to the investigative reporting of a Canadian journalist named Daniel Otis.

See, Daniel happened upon a database in which those involved in aviation report occurrences that could affect the safety and operation of our countries aircraft, airports, and airspace.

and speckled amongst the many mundane reports of flat tires, rocky landings, and faulty valves are unexplainable reports of anomalous objects being witness and reported by our countries aviators.

This may not be the smoking gun, or act of government disclosure we have been waiting for but it is certainly a collection of credible reports to be taken very seriously.

and tonight we are going to hear all about it.

In this episode of nighttime, we are going to be joined by Daniel Otis, the journalist behind the two articles that rubbed our noses into Canada’s relationship with whatever the hell is happening in our skies.


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Commercial Airline Pilots Keep Reporting UFOs Over Canada –

Daniel Otis –

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