A Novel Romance: Lindsay Maple

Love is the heart of every great book. This week’s love story belongs to a Lindsay Maple, a BC woman who writes love stories. Lindsay’s obsession with romance started at a young age, and it’s blossomed into a career.

Her latest book, (Not)Your Basic Love Story) follows the story of Becky and Dev, two opposites who met on a flight to Mexico and start a whirlwind romance. When their relationship continues back in Canada, their worlds collide, and they are exposed to their cultural differences.

“(Not) Your Basic Love Story is a RomCom about acceptance, compromise, and love being the only thing that truly matters.” 

So what’s the secret recipe for a great love story? Take a listen to find out.

(Not) Your Basic Love Story is available everywhere online where books are sold.

Purchase (Not)Your Basic Love Story on Amazon: https://a.co/d/8GiJAml


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