Blood Relatives: Shelia and Cody

Sheila and Cody, living in different countries, were complete strangers who became bonded by blood through the gift of life.

Sheila, a veteran from New Brunswick, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and received chemotherapy in 2012. In need of bone marrow, Sheila was alerted of a donor match. Her match wasn’t a friend or a close family member; it was someone she didn’t even know.

Cody, hailing from Mississippi, signed up for the donor list, believing it was a simple way to help another person in need. He was about to get married when he was alerted of the match and went in for the donation procedure. 

A year after the procedure, Sheila and Cody got in touch and developed a long-distance friendship. A decade later, Cody made the journey to New Brunswick, where they finally met in person. Today, they are close friends who share a unique bond, an experience few can lay claim to.

For more information on blood donation and to register, visit https://www.blood.ca/

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