RERUN: A Charmed Life – Dylan and Jen

This summer, we are re-airing our favourite Canadian Love Map episodes. This week, we turn back time to the first episode of Season 4.

This week’s love story belongs to a pair of storytellers destined for the big screen, Dylan and Jen from British Columbia.

Once upon a time, Jen was a model traveling the world while Dylan was skating toward a hockey career. As so often happens, life had surprises in store for them. She became an actor and filmmaker, and he landed a role in one of Canada’s most successful TV shows.

Their journeys collided with a chance meeting through an agent which eventually led to a romantic proposal.

You might recognize Dylan from helping educate in the 4 C’s from the Charm Diamonds tv commercials.

Hear the whole story in this very entertaining episode!

Hosted by Nancy Regan

Presented by Charm Diamond Centres

Produced by Podstarter

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