RERUN: Love After Life

This summer, we are re-airing our favourite Canadian Love Map episodes. This week we are going back to Season 5.

This love story belongs to Shawn Leonard of Millbrook First Nation in Miꞌkmaꞌki. Shawn is an Indigenous psychic medium and the star of an APTN tv show “Spirit Talker”. Shawn knew at a young age he had a special gift, but he further understood his purpose after having a vision of his father, who had passed away. Since then, it’s been his purpose to connect with the other side.

His work is all about love, as he helps people heal through his gift of connecting them to lost loved ones. Shawn believes our connection to the world beyond the physical realm is inside all of us. All we have to do is give it a chance, and listen.

Learn more about Shawn: https://shawn-leonard.com/

Hosted by Nancy Regan

Presented by Charm Diamond Centres

Produced by Podstarter

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