RERUN: Marisa and Anthony (Season 2, Episode 7)

This summer, we are re-airing our favourite Canadian Love Map episodes. We found this love story when we stumbled upon a viral news story back in Season 2.

Marissa and Anthony were teen sweethearts who had a fairy-tale relationship. When Anthony passed away unexpectedly at 36, Marisa was left with intense grief, 3 daughters to raise and a long-lost memory of an orange Honda CRX.

20 years after the car had been sold, a nostalgic search began. With the support of friends, family and even strangers – she was reunited with her late husband’s prized possession. 

The newly found car is now a labour of love, as Marisa is bringing it back to it’s old form. The project is helping those who loved Anthony keep his memory alive.

Hosted by Nancy Regan

Presented by Charm Diamond Centres

Produced by Podstarter

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