Tiny Tales, Big Love: Nancy Rose

Nancy Rose is a former teacher and guidance counsellor whose passion for photography and crafting has transformed into an unusual new career. When Nancy found herself seeking creative inspiration, she found it in her own backyard when she witnessed the entertaining behaviours of her neighbourhood squirrels. 

She started creating miniature squirrel-sized displays and props, using cardboard, clay, and other craft supplies. Motivated by hidden treats, squirrels became the subject of her photographs, as they interacted with her creations. Chasing her creativity even further, Nancy turned these whimsical sights into children’s stories. 

Since then, Nancy Rose has published 6 children’s books featuring her delightful photos, as well as board books, and a series of calendars by Workman Publishing. Her most recent book is titled Oakley the Squirrel: Camping 1, 2, 3!: A Nutty Numbers Book and can be ordered on Amazon. 

Nancy’s innovative creations have not only sparked joy for many but they also spread a powerful message: embrace your creativity, follow your passions, and never be afraid to be different.

Visit https://www.secretlifeofsquirrels.com/ for more information and to order Nancy’s books.

Follow Nancy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/secretlifeofsquirrels

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