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Dave’s Maple Curry Scallops and Bacon

Scallops and bacon

Emin's Double Smoked Bacon


Cooking scallops


Trade Winds Pasta Spice

I’ve known Dave since high school, and as soon as he knew that I had a podcast, he was bursting with ideas for what he wanted to make. Dave loves to cook and entertain, and he has a wealth of food experiences from traveling the world for work. I was so delighted that he offered to share a simple, decadent recipe that just might be something you want to try making for a special occasion this season.

Sandra (from Sandra’s Maple Beans, a recipe I have made many times since that episode – truly, it is a wonderful recipe and you should try it) introduced me to Emin’s double smoked bacon, and it features here in Dave’s recipe, too. If you’re in the area, Emin’s Meat Market is on Main Street, and it’s well worth stopping in, if only for the bacon. (But I’m sure you’ll find other gems there, too.)

This is such a simple way to make a handful of local ingredients into something greater than the sum of its parts, and I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

In the audio, you’ll hear a bit from Dave’s sweet family, and maybe also the roofers who were working on the house. This episode made me excited all over again about all of the excellent products this province has to offer – from scallop and bacon to maple syrup, wine, and amazing handcrafted knives. Dave is one of those friendly, welcoming, generous people that I’m so glad exists in the world. He is also a painter, and has occasional local shows of his work. Thanks so much to Dave for having me over and for providing this delicious recipe!

In the episode, Dave also recommends:

Hutchinson’s Maple Syrup (dark is what he used in the recipe)

PC Goose Fat (Dave roasts baby potatoes in goose fat with Old Bay or the spice blend below)

Trade Winds Pasta Spice (not just for pasta sauce!)

Irongull knives, made in Prospect, NS (pictured above)

Lightfoot Riesling from Wolfville (also pictured above – it was so lovely and light, perfect with the rich scallops!)

Grohmann’s Knives made in Pictou

The scallops were served on beautiful dishes from locally made Morris Pottery

Dave likes to buy his scallops at Sobeys – and asks for ones from out back rather than what’s in the showcase

Emin’s Meat Market isn’t online, but if you’re in Yarmouth, do visit them on Main Street!

Finished dish

Dave’s Maple Curry Bacon and Scallops

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