You Always Get When You Give

Thank you for hanging with us throughout Dig This Season 2! In this, the season’s final episode, Archaeologist Kay Jollymore talks with Jenny about mentorship! 

From her start in the Cariboo area and throughout her career, Kay celebrates the generous people who made a difference in her career. She shares the value of becoming a mentor, how to be a good one, mentor, different kinds of mentors including the benefits of horizontal collegial mentorships. 

Looking at in-the-field and in-the-office formal and ad-hoc training, Kay and Jenny discuss the responsibilities of both the mentor and mentee, but also how professional associations, businesses and clients can and should support and make space for this work. And the importance of mentorship to building capacity in First Nations communities to support their control of their own heritage materials. 

No matter what, mentorship is deeply enriching, rewarding and so often, a joyful experience! 

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