8. Live episode: Why networking and leveraging relationships is the only way to move your career forward with Jodi Millen and Lindsay Reynolds 

This episode of the Diversity at Work podcast is a very special episode. It is our first LIVE podcast recording that we did on March 4th to acknowledge International Women’s Day. It was at an event called Celebrating Ambition, that I organized with two other women who work in the construction industry in Toronto. This event started when I was frustrated because I was trying to navigate the construction industry by myself. I met Jodi Millen back in January, and Lindsay Reynolds jumped on board soon after. We realized that trying to do something by ourselves was going to be hard. We would have a bigger impact if we did something together, and that’is where we came up with the idea of Celebrating Ambition, and doing this live podcast. In this interview we talked about how to network, why leveraging relationships is the only way to move your career forward, and how to look at relationships in a positive way, especially for women, as you don’t need to compete with each other, and how to look for abundance.

I would also like to thank our sponsors, because without them this event and live podcast wouldn’t have happened. So thank you so much to PCL Construction, Platform Insurance for Construction and Real Estate, Hancock & MacArthur Construction Project Management, and the Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association.

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