9. How to persist through adversity with Dr. Vanessa Sweet

On this episode of the Diversity at work podcast, I sat down with Dr. Vanessa Sweet, who is an anesthesiologist. She is preparing for the biggest challenge of her career, which is being on the front lines during the covid-19 pandemic. In this conversation we talked about how training your mindset has been a crucial part of her medical training that has gotten her to the place she is today, how to thrive in times of crisis, and also how imposter syndrome is showing up for her and the other doctors that she works with right now, and how they’re overcoming it. This is important because she is on the front lines, intubating the patients who need the most care, and giving them oxygen so they can breathe. I am so honored that Vanessa was able to take time from her busy schedule to talk to me, and I’m grateful to be able to share this with you today.

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