19 – Awkward Questions from Confused Guys

So much of sex advice and information is targeted to straight, cisgender women, except, of course, for penis enlargement and boner pills. That is just spammed in a constant stream at anyone who might have a penis. online, most of the sex educators with big youtube channels and Instagram followings are mostly women with mostly women following them. Today I am joined by resident man, Matt Tunnacliffe who is going ask a bunch of questions that many confused straight guys might want to know about.


We will talk about penis size, oral sex, cumming etiquette and more.


Confused guys and sex! What do we know? Do We Know Things? Let’s find out!


Find the script for this episode with notes and references at https://www.doweknowthings.com/episodes


Music and editing Jeremy Dahl https://www.palebluedot.ca/


Script and hosting assistance by Matt Tunnacliffe


Thanks to Julia Kaufmann for transcribing the interview.


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